The Wrong Way to Tow a Truck

The Wrong Way to Tow a Truck

There are right ways and wrong ways to do just about anything. There is a right way to change your oil and wrong way, there is a right way to disagree with your wife and a wrong way, and in the Seattle Seahawks’ case, there is a right way to finish the Superbowl and the wrong way… Seattle chose the wrong way. In all my years of living with off-road vehicles and trucks in the Georgia clay, I have had to un-stick a ton of trucks and SUVs. I have done it the right way more often than not, but there were some important lessons mixed in there too.



Call me a redneck, but ever since I got my first car (the Jeep CJ I’ve mentioned in some other posts), I loved trying to take it to the limits. The more comfortable I got with it, the more I found myself getting stuck. I’m sure I could’ve fared better with the impressive off-road tires available these days. The first time I got stuck, and I mean stuck was on a camping trip in high school. There was some land not far from our town that was being unused and we had discovered that there were some really cool trails with huge rocks, creeks and even a waterfall. I was driving as the sun was setting and thought I’d show off for the young ladies that were along for the trip. Instead of simply crossing the creek at its shallow point, I was going to drive close enough to the waterfall that I could reach out of the topless Jeep and touch it. I accomplished that goal, but I also sunk in the soft sand and slid into the downpour. Everything and everyone was soaked. I was not cool. After lots of pushing and lots of broken rope we got her out of the water without any major casualties.


I learned a lot by going through situations like that, and that was really the only way to learn back then. Now you can learn how to properly tow vehicles, and pull stuck vehicles by clicking around on the internet. Recently, I was doing some research for some friends about where to hook up tow chains to the front of his Chevy Silverado after his camper got stuck in the mud. In doing the research, I also found plenty of videos showing people trying to pull videos the wrong way.

In the video below, a group of guys are trying to use one pickup truck to pull another pickup out of what appears to be a frozen lake that it had fallen through. As far as I can tell they were trying to pull the stuck truck from its front bumper hoping to flip it upright while pulling it to solid land. Doesn’t seem like a great plan… and it isn’t. While they are pulling the truck, its bed gets stuck in the ice causing the pressure to completely buckle the truck. By the end of it, the truck is completely severed in two. I apologize for all of the beeping in the video… they had the same reaction I probably would have.


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