Excavator Olympics

Excavator Olympics

Alright, before you flame me in the comments, I know that I’ve already posted some pretty crazy excavator stuff. So, at the risk of being redundant, I’m posting another one. Forgive me, but I’m fascinated by people who push these machines to the next level. Most people would be satisfied by simply being able to use an excavator as it is intended, but there are other folks that like to push things to the limit… Obviously, I fall into the former group (if you’ve been following my blog at all, she who must be obeyed convinced me to hire professionals for the pool excavation at our house… less stressful, yes, but I still wish I’d given it a shot). Check out these boundary-pushers below and let me know what you think (as long as you’re not reminding me that I made an excavator post six weeks ago).


As far as I can tell, excavators were made for digging and moving earth. Somebody didn’t tell the fellas below. I imagine there are times where ingenuity is born out of necessity, but sometimes it has to come from boredome… or insanity. The first video below shows an excavator traversing a large trench… I imagine this is one of those necessity things (sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do). The second video, as far as I can tell (it’s not in English), shows what appears to be a publicity stunt with an excavator climbing a multi-story tower in the middle of a city… no digging, no dirt, just climbing (and scary). I’m not sure which I’m more impressed by.


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If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my many (many) years on this planet, it is that heavy machinery and deep water don’t mix. Water can cause all sorts of problems on large engines, especially when that H2O gets sucked into the intake. Check out this machine, though. This lil’ excavator can handle the water like a champ. The video caption mentions that this is the first digger of its kind, and I’m not going to doubt that. Hell, maybe if I had access to this bad boy I could have talked my lovely wife into letting me tear up the backyard…. Hit a water main, no problem (well, for the excavator… I might have some problems). Either way, it’s pretty impressive.

The Future of Excavation

When I was a kid, I was thrilled to ride bikes… I would put old baseball cars in my spokes and I thought I was riding a Harley. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I finally had the chance to ride a go-kart… and I wrecked it on my first day (sorry Mike DeLuca, I still owe you). Needless to say, heavy machinery was never under my control. That’s not the case for the youngster below. I’m amazed to watch this five year-old kid handle these rigs the way he does… who knows, maybe he’ll be climbing a tower in an excavator one day (or making a nice living using them the way they were intended).

 Which one of these stunts impresses you the most?


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