Crazy R/C Aircraft Carrier

Crazy R/C Aircraft Carrier

I have always been fascinated with remote-controlled toys. When I was young, my parents would always get me a new RC toy for my birthday, because they knew that’s what I always wanted. Most of them were pretty unimpressive toys, now that I think about it. I can’t tell you how many red fire engines I went through growing up. You know the ones, they had the awful siren and the lights that would light up… most of the time. And there was only one button on the controller, a trigger. Pull the trigger, it goes forward and to the right, let go of the trigger and it backs up. It didn’t take much to occupy my time.

I continued to buy RC toys for myself whenever something would catch my eye. I was the best customer of the guys hocking those little helicopters from the kiosks at the mall. It wasn’t until my son was born, however, that I started building our own RC cars. And trucks. And Planes. And Boats. And helicopters. As soon as we finished one project we were on to the next. It became “our thing”. We spent Saturdays at the hobby shops, or at the park driving our newest creations, or more often than not, trying to get our planes out of the trees. One didn’t come down for more than two weeks until high winds finally shook it loose.

My son’s since moved out of the house and into a dorm room, but we still share our hobby… we just don’t get to take part in it as much any more. Sure, I could go down into the basement and tinker with things, but it isn’t the same. Instead, we keep the love going by email. I send him articles from RC websites and forums, he sends me videos from YouTube. It works for us.

When we both have the time, I would love to do something large-scale with him. A few weeks ago he sent me a video of one of the most impressive RC constructions I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the guys who are able to break records for the largest RC planes, but where am I going to keep that thing? I like to keep my cars in the garage, not an RC plane with at 15 foot wingspan. For me, the video below is the tops… and it’s kind of a two-for-one deal. A fully functioning RC Aircraft Carrier and Plane. I don’t know what I love most about it. The rotating satellite, the launcher, the details, or the fact that it actually launches RC planes. It’s awesome, and I hope the day comes that I can work on something like that with my son. What’s your next project? Share your favorite RC stories and videos in the comments below.






  1. The plane needs an ejection seat for the failure to launch flights! I really liked the tug boat

  2. Now the hard part….to land it on the carrier.

  3. Wade Austin

    One of the companies I worked for, during our spare time (which we had a lot of) we would take balsa gliders that the company gave away at trade shows and try to land them in a certain spot in the floor. Of course with the drag it wasn’t hard so we put two pins on the under carriage to reduce drag and it made stopping in a certain spot tricky. We tried “carrier landings” with a section marked off as a deck. Finally we stretched a string across the marked “deck” and used it as an arresting cable and the two pins as arresting hooks. Worked great.

  4. Avery Herring

    I dreamed of having something like that when I was a kid. It really doesn’t count though until you can land on a carrier.

  5. Phillius Thomas

    This RC Aircraft Carrier is really cool! Having one of these would be so much fun. As the other comments say, landing on the carrier should be a must.

  6. Lord Eden

    Oh goody goody have an Aircraft carrier a couple of feet from the shore and WOW launching and air craft a couple of yards Oh whoopee do!
    That Was over exciting not!

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