Construction Equipment Gone Wild

Construction Equipment Gone Wild

Construction is not a glamorous profession. It’s hard, thankless work. It’s also one of the most dangerous fields to be employed in. According to OSHA, over 20% of the nearly 4,000 worker fatalities in 2013 were in the construction sector. You’d never get me up on scaffolding several stories high or climbing rickety ladders with my hands full. I have heard more construction accident stories than I could ever possibly remember. In high school, I had a shop teacher with only eight and a half digits, Mr. B. He would always point with his mangled hand, and I could only assume that he did that for dramatic effect. He was a scary man, long hair, perpetual 5 O’clock shadow, and a generally grumpy demeanor. He had a very sick sense of humor to go along with it. All of these features caused a lot of speculation about how his grotesque right hand got that way. The most accepted story was from a classmate whose dad’s had a friend whose brother was in Mr. B’s class twenty years earlier and witnessed him cut his hand with a circular saw during a safety demonstration. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but the story seemed fitting.


In college, I took a construction job during the summer building houses for extra cash. One of my friends on these jobs, Pete, suffered one of the scariest injuries I’ve ever witnessed one summer. We were installing some trim to a nearly finished home when our boss told us that the wrong trim design had been delivered and we had to take what he had been working on down and replace it with the correct design. Pete jokingly put the nail gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The safety on the old nail gun had been stuck in, and the one inch brad went straight through his temple. Stupid, yes. Terrifying, yes. Luckily the hospital was able to remove the nail, and my a narrow margin my friend was able to keep the vision in his right eye.


So I’ve established that construction injuries can be pretty brutal. They can also be pretty entertaining. I stumbled upon the video below of a construction crew trying to shut down, or at least subdue, a concrete buffer that has run amuck. Everyone on site is trying to find a way to stop this thing, and each new idea seems sillier and sillier. Let us know if you have any crazy construction stories or videos in the comments below. Enjoy, and be safe.





  1. Our wood shop teacher had two fingers after a band saw incident. While working at an insurance company I saw a claim report of a jackhammer operator whose machine got away from him and tore his arm out at the socket. The report was by a fellow worker that swore after seeing it, that was his last day on the job.

  2. I find it funny that a bunch of sit on there ass desk jockeys are laughing at REAL men trying get a very dangerous machine under control when these idiots do less work in two weeks than these MEN do in a 8 hour shift. Worthless do nothing pussies….

  3. No one got control of the situation, just morons trying to be heroes. Luckily it end up just with a laught from those who tape it. Hope they did keep their word of a free lunch and $50.00 to the person who stopped it. The machine wasn’t in a danger position, I believe a good formen in place should order to let the machine alone until run out of gas, and not put any one in danger. After all is a very small gas tank on those machines . Another thing came to my attention is the fact that those machines have a safety that when you take hand of it, it just idle, and either it was default or modified. SAFETY FIRST, ALWAYS!

  4. Nobody had a rope?

  5. Andy Prusienski

    The two idiots who filmed this really don’t have a clue what it is like to work with concrete. Next time you see construction workers doing concrete why not ask if you can help? Then ask to use the machine they laughed at and see if they can use it.

  6. Dennis Huxley

    Yup, buncha engineers sitting in an office laughing. Would love to have seen what any of them would have done. Nothing, that’s what. Jerks.

  7. Daniel Libich

    As many construction workers are standing around waiting for a moment to get a trawler under control as a tarp was placed to get the trawler under control.

  8. SkepticalQuery

    The jackasses narrating have obviously never used one or they’d know the water is to reduce the friction beneath the paddles so that when the handle is grabbed, it is less likely to dislocate a shoulder, and the board is to try to lift the paddles off the surface. The tarp is an attempt to extend the length of the lever between the man and the paddles, so that the forces on the man’s shoulder are reduced. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, so stay away from construction sites, jackass narrators.

    • thank you, well said.

    • Haditwith Israel

      I agree with you except the tarp explanation. Using the tarp, which is flexible, doesn’t seem to extend the lever and, as was observed, likely to get tangled up in the machine, potentially trapping one of the workers. I would have use dth ewater as you said, but then used a rope to capture the handle. Less likely to get tangled like the tarp.

      • SkepticalQuery

        Maybe I’m thinking it too far through. Every material has tensile strength, compressive strength, and a modulus of elasticity. The tarp is more elastic (I would equate it’s low compressive strength and its modulus of elasticity to what you describe as flexibility) than the handle, and, at the same time, harder to grip (i.e. easier to release before a joint is dislocated). I think your point is that “lever” is a poor description of these qualities, and I agree. Unfortunately, I don’t know a proper lay-term for these qualities — and I suspect there was no calculus going on in any of the worker’s heads.

        Your rope approach would no doubt be better, particularly if it can be anchored somewhere before an attempted lassoing, as folks tend to tangle their own hands in ropes so as to give the machine a good chance of dislocating their shoulder.

        I liked what another guy said best, “just leave it alone and let it run out of gas. Those things don’t hold much gas.”

      • The tarp also has the potential to smother the motor and prevent air intake. I wonder if the smart ass narrators know what happens then?

  9. Not as funny as you might think. At least the guys on the ground understand that they can be seriously injured wrestling a run-away piece of equipment. The useless assholes filming this would do no better, and possibly, if they could get off their lazy ass and try, would die in the attempt. Having been on both sides of this particular fence, the assholes filming this should be ashamed.

    • Agree, but I am curious to know who was driving the thing originally and how did he come to lose control, that probably would really have been funny.

  10. yes very amusing for the “shiny arses” it’s always easier to stand by and advise ,when your sat on your arse looking out the window.Fuckers.!

  11. Gerald David Davidson

    The POS, laughing and narrating this video should be made to show this video including their dumb ass comments to everyone that was in it. THEN!!! made to work beside these men for a week and see if your smart ass attitude hasn’t received a real world education. Back room desk jack-offs!!!!

  12. Robert States

    buffer huh???

  13. Lemon Cucumber

    I don’t think the one who took the video if he was there, he will do something to stop it. They got no idea of what they talking about. they just sitting there and laughing while the real men are in the dangerous situation.


  15. Bob The Bulder

    I hope that the useless narcissistic assholes filming this
    video are reading people’s responses
    Joke on you Mother Fuckers

  16. I worked as a carpenter and was a lineman for many years. Stuff like this happens once in while. But I don’t get why everyone is so bugged at the desk jockeys. When crazy stuff happened we laughed hard too. Even if it was dangerous. It’s been 24 years since I was a lineman, but when I get together with some of the guys we still laugh about the day the 50lb lasher fell off the line, through the windshield and ricocheted off the dash and tore a big hole in the passenger seat. Could have killed one of us, but it didn’t. So it became part of the adventure. I wouldn’t be shocked if these guys had a chuckle about the power trowel going crazy.

  17. PointBlankZA

    The guys making the video are idiots.

  18. John Bones Grace


    • john u r my kinda fella……………..listen to john people……..understood for what it is no more no less on all levels…….much kudos to u john….a fan…..

  19. Robert States

    you only throw water on em when their havin sex…..

  20. Ron Taggart

    Wow…Some of you commenters take this stuff WAY too seriously….It was hilarious and the commentary cracked me up.

  21. retired construction worker

    For one thing it’s not a concrete buffer,it’s called a power trowel.I suspect what happened was the idle cable got stuck.

  22. One i heard at work on Manchester Highways was of an operative having his eyes blown out hanging on sinues after a process for lifting Concrete Road bays by compressed Air & inserting a fine sand or gravel into other openings to level them up went wrong when a pneumatic hose burst. He said they were alright after having them reinserted in Hospital.

  23. Never had one get completely away from me but when you crank it you got to be ready to catch the handle when it comes at you. My Wacker troweling machine has a safety cutoff switch that works from centrifugal force. Bubba probably disconnected that. Oh and waiting for it to run out of gas, the concrete ain’t gonna wait.

  24. 2 people should have grabbed that tarp and walked toward the machine which would have from spinning??? common sense people

  25. The haunted tool

  26. surely there is a remote cutoff switch

  27. Guys commentating sound like absolute pricks. Sitting around in an office (doing nothing as usual) laughing at the type of people that BUILT the office they’re salary stealing in. Calling a length of 2 x 4 a big stick says everything you want to know about these pussies.

  28. Why have I wasted my time watching these Idio

  29. babanapeal .

    Why have I waste my time watching you idiots?

  30. Shadeburst

    I hope that your friend with the nail gun never has children and passes on the stupid gene.

  31. Chad A. Eimers

    Try a fire extinguisher on the motor to take the oxygen away from the intake! No combustion!

  32. Herm Inator

    Well, it was kind of funny, but working that concrete finisher takes a lot of muscle, and if you were to get in the way of that handle rotating, it would have broken something on you.
    These guys are true construction workers. They have to be in good shape, have smarts, and use common sense. They are nothing like your local, fly by night home renovation workers who smoke dope while pounding nails in drywall. Some of your electrical, HVAC controls, and mechanical construction workers have more smarts than many design engineera.
    I have a lot of respect for them. I am a construction (civil) engineer.

  33. Jeff Nahass

    Did I hear a fart amongst all the laughing?

  34. Mike Berry

    I do concrete construction in my line of work…and that shit was funny..

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